What should I use while fly fishing in upstate new york?

I recently started fly fishing and I am heading out with a couple friends to a river. I don’t know what type of fly I should use because alone I have had no luck. My father fishing with a spincaster and is catching browns, walleye, a northern, and weve seen trout. I don’t care which Icatch I just want to know what flys I should use/ what line!

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How do I decide which fishing reel to buy?

I am not a huge fisherman but enjoy fishing for bass, pike, and walleye. I just found out that my reel only holds 6 lb. test line. I can’t catch the size of fish that i would like to with 6 lb. test line and i would like a new reel. What should i consider before buying a new reel? also i would like to have a spinning reel.

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SHIMANO fishing reel?

I have a reel that I would really really like to know how much it is when it first came out and maby how old it is and how much is it now? I’m going to tell you all it says because I dont know about reels at all.



It would help alot if you tell me some info.

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