Bass Pro Shops – Ordering a Fishing Reel Online?

When I order a fishing reel online from Bass Pro Shops, is it a possibility to get them to string the reel?

It’d be tough going down to the “nearest” Bass Pro Shops because it’s not that close, so I’m just wondering if there’s an option where you can get the reel strung when ordering from online.

I don’t see the option anywhere..
Any help would be great. Thanks!

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what are the best lures for fishing for redfish and snook off the beach in sanibel/captiva?

Im going to Sanibel this weekend for a week I want to know more about refish and snook and what are the best and most effectvie ways of cathing them. Last year I used live bait, but id like to also try lures. If anyone knows some spots that would be great.

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anyone use a hawkeye portbale fish finder?…

does anyone have this portable fish finder? Ive been having a little bit of trouble at times getting it to read even while in the water it does not show the depth. Also does anyone know the proper depth you should have the sensor below the float and how do you mount or troll with it?

One more thing. when it reads fish is that directly below the sensor?

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What is the best size spinning reel for a 7 foot Ugly stick fishing pole used for saltwater fishing?

I am planning on purchasing a 7 foot Ugly Stick for saltwater fishing. The pole says 20-40 pound line weight. I am planning on catching grouper, sand perch, snapper, etc. What would be the best size spinning reel for this pole? What size line should I be using?

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What is the best pike fishing technique?

I’m going Pike fishing in the dead stream between Houghton lake, MI and 127. It has murkey waters, with channels about 6-8 ft deep x 20 ft across, running through a flood plain thats almost always has about 2 ft of water in it. What is the best lure or live bait to use? What part of the channel should I fish in? Any tips or tricks? Ive only reeled one pike out of here before, and I took it with a pike minnow. I mostly just wind up with bass or dog fish on my line.
I forgot to ask this, should I use a steel leader, Ive had a few pike chomp right through 15lb line.

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i have a king 4060 fish finder and i need the instruction manual for it.?

i would like to find a owners manual online for my King 4060 fis finder. this fish finder came with a boat i just bought and it is fairly old but i wanted to give it a try a couple times and maybe it will be good enough for me to not have to buy a new model.
the s/n is 1650 model#4060. it says the word Degauss and it is made in japan. the s/n plate on the back dosent include much more information
i tried to google it there wasnt enough infor for me to0 find out much….worst case ill buy something newer just vtrying top save a few bucks, i had it on todayt and didnt really know how to read it

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