What type of basic equipment do I need for fishing in Colorado?

I used to go fishing quite a bit as a kid in Utah, but now all that remains from that is my reel and pole. Now I’m in Colorado for medical school with my wife and daughter and was hoping to get started again camping and fishing on our (very few) breaks. Any suggestions on how to get started with fishing equipment? What all will I need from A to Z??


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Ice fishing flasher question?

I found this old Lowrance fish lo-k-tor lfp-300 in my garage and is missing the transducer. I’ve been looking for days on how to get one. I’ve searched all over Google, Amazon, and Ebay but no luck. I even looked on the Lowrance website but didn’t find anything. I even looked on craigslist but still didn’t find any. Please Help!

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How often does one need to rinse freshwater tackle off after fishing in saltwater bodies of water?

I’m going on a vacation to Florida and plan on trying to do a little offshore fishing with my freshwater tackle. I understand I need to rinse the saltwater off to prevent corrosion, but I’m not sure how often. Do I need to rinse after every time out (I may be fishing nine to ten different times throughout the vacation) or is it just a once after the vacation thing? Also, how does one rinse all of the saltwater off of the reel? Thanks in advance! Any information helps as this is my first time fishing in saltwater.

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