How do I retrieve tube and brush hog in bass fishing?

Ok so I now have all my gear to go bass fishing and im using some soft plastic tubes and brush hogs mainly using a carolina rig. I will be fishing in lakes for small mouth and large mouth. After casting what are some good methods of retrieval for the lures other than just reeling it in. for instance should i pause for so many seconds after the bait hits the water then reel? or should i reel then pause for so many seconds then reel again?

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Is it good to fish where there is heavy foliage for fish?

Lakes around here have lot of foliage and tall grass growing near the bank.
I usually fish from shore and currently is investing in a boat. I’ve been told that large fish love heavy foliage. Thing is I hate loosing my crank baits and spinners in the plant material just to reel in grass. Whats a solution to this??

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Im thinking of a good set up for fresh water bass fishing?

Im thinking of getting a new setup this year and spend some money on getting a good set up instead of just a store made combo.

so ive had the 7’3″ carrot stix medium heavy action casting rod and a shimano cittica 6.4:1 baitcast reel.

has anyone used these or know about baitcast ive never used it but all the pro seem to use baitcast over spinning reels now adays.

im really just looking for good rod and reel combos not looking to spend more that $250 maybe $300 if its great quality

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What brand of spinning reel is the best for bass fishing in Kentucky?

I live in Kentucky and can catch bass anywhere from 2lbs-10lbs. I like to fish with buzz, spinner baits and plastic worms. I want a nice spinning reel that can hold a significant amount of line with 10lb test. I am not wanting to pay a boatload of money. Shoot me some suggestions! Thanks!

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Which of these spinner reels should I get?

I’m planning on buying my first fishing rod soon. I don’t really have any specific fish I’m going for, but I want to be able to get trout, bass, whatever I can sink a hook into.
Anyway, I’ve decided to get a reel on the shimano ix line. Any thoughts on whether I should get a 1000 or a 2000? I don’t really want to overdo it, but I am leaning towards a medium 6′ ugly Stik rod.
Any help would be appreciated.

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