A question about triggerspin type fishing reels?

I have just purchased an ultra-lite spinning combo, and the reel is a triggerspin type reel. I have never used a triggerspin reel before and I would like to ask how a triggerspin reel differs from a conventional fixed spool spinning reel when it comes to casting?

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2 thoughts on “A question about triggerspin type fishing reels?

  1. You would engage/press the “trigger” and at the apex of your cast DE-press/let go of the trigger.

    On a spinning reel you would use your finger to let go of the line.

    FYI: Generally Trigger-spins, (which are related to Spincasting reels), work well for Crappie/Bluegill and any other small Panfish. However, once you start catching larger fish, you need to think about purchasing (at least) a spinning outfit.

    Trigger-spins don’t have a sterling reputation as a durable, “big-fish”, reel.

    Hope this helps ya?

  2. Underspin reels have a stationary spool and a cap covering the top of the reel, it’s pretty much a push-button (spincast) reel just fished underneath like a spinning reel. But instead there’s a trigger instead of a button.

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