About how much is this used fishing pole and reel worth ?

fishing pole is a rhino indestructible reinforced graphic core
reel is catera shakespear
It is used, about how much should it be worth ?
we’re selling it for a benefit sale, so just need a decent estimate

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4 thoughts on “About how much is this used fishing pole and reel worth ?

  1. Well I’m no genius but I would like that pole at about $115 I think that is even a little expensive! Hope I helped you!

  2. That rod retails for $20 brand new, so you would be looking at about $10.

    The reel retails for about $30, so you might get $15 or $20 for it.

    (assuming the rod and reel are in excellent shape)

  3. A decent estimate is still too much…

    Mike’s figures are about right, although $20 is pushing it for the reel.

  4. I yard sale a lot I got a low profile Ambassadeur 1003LP on a 7′ fast action St.Croix rod.I got it for $20 at a yard sell like new. I wouldn”t pay more then $10 maybe $15 tops for Rhino rod and the reel. The Rhino rod new at walmart is $23 here reel about the same maybe a little more.

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