Any big time fishing guys out there? I need help with a christmas gift?

I’m going to get my boyfriend some top of the line fishing bait and gear as part of his christmas. I fish a lot with him but I’m not sure of the best of the best. I’m looking into buying from Basspro Cabelas online. What would be some top of the line bait and or gear to get him. We live in Louisiana and have no boat as of now. If that helps any. Your help is much appreciaited.

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6 thoughts on “Any big time fishing guys out there? I need help with a christmas gift?

  1. Well a boats probably to pricy and a jon boat wont cut it with gators in the water.

    So baits-Crayfish baits bass love em craws. Larry dahlberg clackin craw. Go check em out. Then you can buy him a few jigs like strike king bitsy bugs.

    Minnows-My favorite and truley only crankbait I buy is a yo zuri crystal minnow and all yo zuri products. The crystal minnow is my absolute go to bait any time of the year. You can really go to any store now a days and pick out a ton of crankbaits.

    Frogs-Dahlberg diving frog,hollow body frogs like koppers or boo yah pad crasher. Get a few soft plastic frogs to like zoom horny toads or stanley ribbits

    Soft plastic lures-I like all the larry dahlberg lures but at any store you can buy some senkos or stick baits (bass pro had 104 stick-o kit buy em there a awesome deal) get him a few plastic worms/weighted hooks,tube baits,theres a whole ton of plastic baits on the market

    Topwater-zara spook,hollow body frog,buzz baits,rebel pop-r,plastic lizards,

    Swimbaits-Get a few yum money minnows and you can buy him any bass swimbait if you got the dough. They can be really expensive.

    Now I will add one of my favorite lures. You can buy a variety of topwater snake baits. You toss em into lilly pads or duck weed and swim em across. Ive caught 7/10 of my biggest bass this year on plastic snakes. I would imagine in the swamps youll get some huge chunks on these lures. I have heard of countless storys of people gettinf 10+lb bass on these.( type in snake in search bar)

    Gear-Shimano curado E series not G. E! E! E! E! E! Ok the g series is made in china. The older curados are great years. Pair them with a st.croix mojo and your ready to rock.

    Another option?-Lews speed spool on St croix mojo

    Abu garcia revo sx
    Abu garcia c3
    Abu garcia revo s
    Shimano (anything that says E series and is made in japan)
    Penn-All reels they make are great
    Daiwa-You get what you pay for. All reels are great.

    I would personally want a revo sx,lews speed spool,abu garcia c3,penn (any reel), or shimano curado E series.

    Spinning reels-anything made by abu garcia is great.

  2. honestly it doesnt sound like you have enough info in order to get the right things. so either ask him, or get a giftcard. but if the gifftcard doesnt seem as special, i would ask the people at your local bass pro shop because they know what is good for your specific area.

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