Any good places for saltwater fishing?

I’m looking for new inshore fishing spots and charter boats were I Could catch stripers for a decent price around NJ, DE, VA. And up North like Mass. Any tips greatly appreciated.

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2 thoughts on “Any good places for saltwater fishing?

  1. pick a harbor, pier, or rock jetty and go fish it, take some sand shimp and some pickled squid or herring and have some fun. as far as a charter boat do a search on google for east coast striped bass charters, but if nothing else if you find some guys loading up to go fishing ask them where and what they are going for and ask about you chipping in on gas, beer, and bait and see if you can tag along.
    on the cowlitz river in washington if we are not having any luck from shore we usaully give guys in boats 20-30 bucks and they take us out for the rest of the day. GOOD LUCK and HAVE FUN

  2. if you want to catch big stripers all summer there are a few things you will need to do

    1) go to the some local beaches, inlets, and jetties and watch what they other fisherman are doing. if someone is fishing where the water looks different or waves are breaking different from the rest you know they are in a good spot.

    2)get a good surf setup. a lot of people fish van staal reels because they were designed for the surf but spending 700 on a reel is not required. i would get a penn 704z and spool it with suffix braid.if you have the money for a vs get it.

    3) learn to fish 3 types of lures- pencil poppers are best fished with a 10′ or 11′ glass rod with a slow action twitch your rod as fast as you can and reel at medium speed. fish these in early morning, late evening, and on overcast days.

    bucktails- these are best fished with a 9′ or 10′ graphite rod that is mh and a fast can just reel or jig them. have a few from 1/2 oz to 3oz and put a pork rind or a soft plastic like curly tail or a zoom fluke.

    minnow type lures(like bombers, rebels,cotton cordels, ect.) – these are best fished with a 8′ graphite rod medium action. if you are fishing a inlet fish them slow or if there is a lot of current medium speed. if your fishing a beach fish slow but when a wave is coming speed up so your bait surfs in.
    these are the three main surf lures. if you ask a fisherman what has caught them there most stripers they will probably say one of these

    here are some charter boats


    new jersey

    good luck

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