Any tips for lure fishing for trout in cold water?

I’m trying to pull out some brownies. It’s November so the water’s pretty cold in New York. I’ve been using some curly tails and I’ve gotten some weak strikes, though I haven’t set a hook. Anybody still catching brown trout? What are you using? I’m fishing a pretty small creek with a moderate flow.

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2 thoughts on “Any tips for lure fishing for trout in cold water?

  1. Here’s a trick we use in Indiana on creek fish coming out of Lake Michigan. Tie on a spinner or a wobbling crankbait. Get above a fallen log jam, and let your spinner drift back to the log jam. Close your bail, and the spinner will start working. Dont even reel it in. Just let it sit there in front of the log jam and it will entice any fish hanging out in there.

    Good luck.


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