Anyone used fishing reel grips?

I usually use baitcast fishing reels. I am looking for a way to add grip to the handles so my wet fingers don’t slip off while reeling in a fish. Any suggestions?

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4 thoughts on “Anyone used fishing reel grips?

  1. Most tackle stores sell little slip-on grips that go over the handles of most baitcasters.

    They are usually around $5-$10 and come in different colors. Ask your local tackle store they might carry them.
    If not, here is the website. Im sure you could also order them from most of the big tackle websites like Cabela’s or Bass pro.

  2. Ive heard some good reviews on them, especially the luminous ones, when night fishing, i think bass pro sells them, you should be able to read the reviews on there. However be aware that they don’t fit all reels. I generally try to keep my hands as dry as possible with a pair of gore tex gloves, they get a good grip on most of my bait casting reels handles when wet. You can also try wrapping a small amount of tennis racket grip to the reels handles, i used to do this to my salmon fly reels to improve grip before the new rubberized handles were introduced.

  3. I have them on one of my baitcasters and they’re ok. I’m not thrilled about them, but when it is wet it really helps.

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