At what depth are striped bass and bluefish? (saltwater new york)?

I want to try striped bass and bluefish fishing from my boat once the season starts up again. I have a few questions 1. What depth are these fish at? in some videos on youtube I see them jigging on the bottom with buck tails and other times I see them fishing on the top or middle of the water with spoons and buck tails, so how would you know where they are? 2. How do you target them? if they are on the bottom how do you only catch stripers and bluefish without catching porgies, fluke, and sea bass?
Please only answer if you are an experienced fisherman.

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2 thoughts on “At what depth are striped bass and bluefish? (saltwater new york)?

  1. This is often why you see boats have fish finders. A good way to tell where they are is to look for birds. Birds will be chasing baitfish and bluefish will be their to. I highly suggest investing in a fish finder if your in the ocean.

  2. Targeting stripers and blues can be easy,or frustrating,depending on conditions.Bass will go virtually all througfh the water column for food,whether it’s herring,squid crabs or seaworms they are feeding on determines where you will find them,at night they’ll go after eels and squid with vigor.Some bass sit tight to cover,and wait for an ambush oppurtunity to arise,others cruise and feed on the massive schools of herring and squid,so watch for those,the bass will be right there with them Blues generally use a pack hunting method,and tear into the school of herring or mackerel in a frenzy or blitz as it’s called,watch for seabirds grabbing from above,the blues push the baitfish to the surface,and the birds respond from an air assault,usually terns.When you want to target lone cow stripers,the really big ones,you have to find the sweet spot they hole up in,and then place the bait in the honey hole just right.A fishfinder is invaluable to locate the baitfish they are feeding on,and where the bass and blues are too,generally the blues will position above the stripers,waiting for the cleanup morsels that drift down,and are easy pickings for the waiting stripers below.When there’s a blitz of bluefish going on,the sea is literally boiling with them feeding in a frenzyThe terns are diving,and the whole place is chaos,tossing any kind of lure there will get hit without delay.running after blitzing blues is a lot of fast and furious fishing fun in a boat,just watch out for shoals,or rockpiles in the madness.

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