Best lowcountry (primarily redfish, speckled trout, and flounder) fishing setup?

I have a 25 foot Sailfish center console and want to know what the best gear to buy for our boat is. We do have some idea for Northeast fishing, but want to know since we are moving down south. We already have a gps, fish finder, etc. All of the electronics are out of the way. What gear should we consider (outriggers, downriggers, etc). Thanks everyone!

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One thought on “Best lowcountry (primarily redfish, speckled trout, and flounder) fishing setup?

  1. I would suggest a couple good Spinning outfit’s and a couple Baitcasting outfit’s. Here are some actual products to consider:


    A. Shimano, Spheros SP4000-

    B. Penn, Slammer 460-

    C. Shimano, Saragosa 4000F-;-Saragosareg;-Offshore-Spinning-Reels/product/103537/124169?cmCat=CROSSSELL_HOMEPAGE

    D. Shimano, Symetre

    Baitcast reels

    A. Shimano, Calcutta 200-

    B. Abu Garcia, C4 5600-

    Any of the above reels would be excellent for Inshore and light Nearshore fishing. I like Braid and Fluorocarbon lines only- Mono has too much stretch and will ruin your hooksets.


    This question is tough. If you want an ultra cheap alternative to more expensive rods try the Ugly Stik Tiger series-

    If you want something more expensive, try the Daiwa Inshore series-;-Inshore-CoasttoCoast-Spinning-Rods/product/97106/37297

    Other rods to check out??

    A. St.Croix, Tidemaster

    B. Shimano, Crucial Inshore

    Realize- You can use a good freshwater rod for Inshore fishing IF you ALWAYS wash it off after each use. However, a rod designed for Saltwater is always a better bet due to it’s corrosion resistant components.

    You won’t need downriggers for Inshore fishing- you WILL need them for King, Mahi, and Wahoo, (and any other Pelagic fish) Offshore.

    If you plan to fish Inshore, (for Reds, Specks, Flounder, Etc) primarily I suggest you get a decent Trolling motor- Minn Kota, Riptide 101. Inshore fish are usually found inside saltwater creeks, bays and canals- having the ability to sneek up on them with a trolling motor is a must.

    Realize, the further you go South the more fishing pressure you’ll encounter. The more fishing pressure, the more “savy” a fisherman you must be to consistently catch good fish.

    Hope this helps? Good luck.

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