2 thoughts on “Best lure or rig for speckled trout fishing in Louisiana marsh?

  1. The best lure for catching lots of specks is a popping cork with a shrimp below it. Live shrimp is the best but if you use an artificial shrimp (like a DOA shrimp) you don’t have to worry about keeping your shrimp alive or running out of shrimp. If the water is warm you can catch big specks on top-water. Try any cigar bait that you can “walk the dog” with. Don’t be afraid to try different things and catch fish your way.

  2. Cool Cat,

    I’ve answered a number of your Q’s and given you THE BEST lures to use.

    Scroll through your older Q’s and LOOK at the lures I’ve mentioned. You should also read the REVIEWS on those lures!

    You don’t need 50 different lures for Reds, Trout & Flounder. Saltwater Flats/Bayou fish are not as “finicky” as (say) Largemouth Bass- (where you need 40LBs of tackle/lures to fish!).

    Asking the same Q over and over again isn’t going to get you any better answer’s.

    90% of fishing isn’t what lure your throwing- it’s FINDING the FISH!

    Do your “homework” and a simple Jig will work in most instances.

    If I were you, I’d be asking more relevant Q’s like:

    “In ________ Bayou where is the best place to catch Reds & Trout?”

    ” Does anyone know a good Flat/Bayou to fish near __________ for Reds & Trout?”

    Who knows? You might find a local that can direct you to a Redfish/Trout “honey-hole”……..

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