9 thoughts on “Best Pike lure for river fishing?

  1. trolling-polish pike made by HRT

    casting- buzzbaits,rapalas (almost any kind) but the best are the original floaters as big as they get, inline spinners these must be bigger than the ones used for trout, lucky strike and willams wabbler spoons,my all time favourite is by far the buzzbait fished on the surface.

    jigging-big bucktail jigs tipped with a large minnow.

    the lazy way- hook big boober big minnow under the boober and just cast it out and let it sit until mr pike comes along and eats it. remember use wire leaders and bring pliers or your not catching anything or your not going to be releasing anything alive.

  2. Get a big Mepps Bucktail Spinner (inline) when I fish for pike all I use is spinners and I get great results

  3. Panther martin spinners for light casting, Luhr Jensen J plugs for trolling, spoons and large wooden lures for bigger fish

  4. try a mepps cyclops in gold whatever size. It catches the pikes attention or bright coloured jigs in neon colours with a minnow as bait on the hook.

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