Best type of saltwater fishing rod and reel combo to buy?

I’m looking to spend around $100 on a combo, and i would like to know which would be a good choice for me. I fish of piers and occasionally go sail fishing.

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2 thoughts on “Best type of saltwater fishing rod and reel combo to buy?

  1. OH… OK… I was always told to go with American Made anything .

    I would believe it’s because we us Americans make good products that actually lasts and not to for get we also make very good quality as well.

    This is why we ain’t cheep and why politicians let foreigners came in our Country illegally long as there pockets get nice and Fat… they just us don’t care what it does to Real Americans that’s been here for several generations . I can tell you one thing… I would think they would feel cheated .

    Sorry… I went on a rant . I would go with Pen Reels or you can go to this website (( )) they have what you are looking for .

    And by the way… don’t worry there products are ALL AMERICAN MADE
    so your pretty much good to go . Now go out there and have some fun so you can go tell some Big Fat Fish Stories

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