Best way to fish with hard plastic lure?

I bought a couple cotton cordell lures, and i’m going to the new york, coney island pier, and I was going to use the lures. They are the ones that rattle. What is the best way to fish with them? Like, Cast, then slowlly reel in, or leave them there, tie a pyramid weight to the bottom and then the lure a little higher, and go to the bottom and slowly reel in, or what? Please help!

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2 thoughts on “Best way to fish with hard plastic lure?

  1. You bought some crank baits,and just throw it out and crank it back rather quickly,as it dives when cranked has a lip on it that will dig into the water and pull it down deep,you don’t use any weight to use it,it’s built in action by design.This is not really meant to be used in salt water,is more for freshwater bass fishing.Nothing says that you can’t try it,though.If it’s a lipless one called a rattle trap,it won’t have a lip to make it dive,but it will anyways,just crank it back fast.

  2. Don’t hook a weight up to your crank bait. The bait will sink quickly and probably get snagged on something fairly quick resulting in a lost lure.

    Try different retrieval rates. Some fish want an easy meal and will hit something moving slow, and some fish just want to chase things before hitting it. Therefore a change in retrieval speed would be your best bet. Try to get some saltwater lures though cause I’m pretty sure that’s meant for bass. Not saying it won’t work, but it never hurts to try.

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