Can anyone give me the name of the best guide in Brazil along the Amazon River for big peacock bass?

My girlfriend’s parents (soon to be In-laws) have decided to purchase my girl and I a 1-week trip to Brazil for our honeymoon in late April/early May. Her parents know of my facination with bass fishing and all 3 of them have conspired against me to put this trip together. I get to fish for peacock bass and she gets to lounge around in a bikini.

Sophia’s parents left me in charge of finding the BEST guide service I can find, no matter what the price. I don’t want to take advantage of this and get the most expensive, but I don’t want a bad guide either. Should the most expensive happen to be the best, then so be it.

If you could be so kind as to leave a link if you can, name of the guide service, names of the guides and boat captains, location, telephone number, and whatever other information you’ll be so kind as to leave for me. Thanks a lot in advance.
Preferred targeted species are speckled peacock bass, butterfly peacock bass, and royal peacock bass.
Just a heads up, expect several peacock bass themed questions to be popping up throughout the week!

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4 thoughts on “Can anyone give me the name of the best guide in Brazil along the Amazon River for big peacock bass?

  1. why dont ya rub it in ya jerk! im freezing up here…….:)

    i, like yourself, have only been able to day dream about peacock bass so far. relish it my friend. relish every drag-tearing, furious run. suck the marrow out of every hookset. sound your barbaric yawp across the mangroves!

  2. Here’s you the link…

    Here’s the telephone number…

    Gadia Cleib is the owner of the Amazon Prince and the Yemenja. Mario Scotti is from Sao Paulo, Brazil and is the on-board manager of the Amazon Prince yachts. Steve McDonald is the founder of and lives in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

    I believe this is the same group that put Bill Gassman of Des Moines, Iowa on the IGFA World Record 28-pound Cichla temensis.

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