Can anyone suggest where to mount a humminbird 997c side imaging transducer to a 189 Nitro Fish & Ski boat?

I just bought a humminbird 997c side imaging fish finder. I have a 189 Nitro Sport Fish & Ski boat. I am having a hard time finding a place to mount the transduer where it will be far enough from the motor (out board) and yet have a clear view from the two side standing boards on the rear. Anyone have any pictures of where they mounted their transducers that I can look at?

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2 thoughts on “Can anyone suggest where to mount a humminbird 997c side imaging transducer to a 189 Nitro Fish & Ski boat?

  1. Are you intending on mounting them inside the hull, or on the outside of the transom? What do they have on display @ the “Tracker” dealer? It’s my understanding that the 997c is a very good unit, top of the line quality, & I can understand your reluctance to just start drilling holes in your “Nitro”, as that is a pricey boat to start with.
    I’d start with looking at other boats, talking with the owners, & the guys in the shop @ a local marina, you know? Just to see if there are any hidden issues that you might need to know about.
    Goodluck, & Good fishing

  2. Am not really up on the “Side Imaging”, type transducers but, for breakdowns on transducers and location of mountin’, here are some links that may help? No pun intended but, I’ll tell ya’ what you have got one h_ _ l’uva FF ie., hittin’ close ta’ 1700 bucks;)… Ha’, I’m more inta’ the Hummin’bird Matrix’s, ya’ know like on a 14′ Jon ;) ;). To reiterate, absolutely no pun intended.When ya’ get it mounted ~ find em’ and Fish On to ya’ ;)… < ' ( (( > <

    Location diagram in the PDF Format (page 11):,2021,DIY_13717_2278215,00.html

    Update: Did some investagatin’ and found this Hummin’bird Forum (997cSI Series) link that has posts not only on mountin’ but, a lot of good info., that may come in handy down the road for ya’ ;)… May think bout’ registerin’ with site and ask/post your specific question with them?

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