7 thoughts on “Can anyone tell me how to freshwater fish?

  1. well you need a pole,some line,a float,a hook,a weight,and a worm. put a worm on a hook and toss the line out to the water. watch the float. when it bobbles ,snatch up on it, you may have a fish.only 18 inches between the float or cork and the hook ,is needed.fish as close to the bank as you can,for bigger fish increase the distance between the float and the hook.premade canepoles can be bought anywhere wurms is sold see the link my nizzle,this is not me,but,I have fished like this,so i thought it wuz a good pic,looks just like home…thanky fer the 2points.

  2. To help you we need to know what kind of fish you are hoping to catch, and from where ie, river, canal or lake?

  3. You put the bait on the hook and cast with the rod and reel just like deep sea fishing or any other kind of fishing except fly fishing. Watch the movie “A River Runs Through It” with Brad Pitt to see fly fishing. Freshwater fishing is just as boring as deep sea fishing. Throw in a line and wait and wait and wait and wait. No one has that much patience today.

  4. When I gave my fishing seminars to ppl I always preached the use of a slip cork rig for ease of use!
    So lets start out with the tools – fishing rod and reel,line,bobbers,hooks,sinkers and bait!
    All you really need to know to fish is to cast bait out and allow time for fish to find bait.I f you have no luck slid the bobber stop up on main line this lets the bait drop father down into the water.
    What I would look for is a weedline or some kind of cover that may hold fish or prey!Cast you bait out to the edge of cover(you may need to adjust depth of bait at times) and watch your bobber for movement.If no bites reel in a little so to change placement of bait! If you see no visible cover just cast bait out and let it sit for a bit and give a little movement to your bait and if no bites within a few minutes cast farther out or nearer shore change depths of bait!
    That should get you started on panfish and other fish too!
    Fishing is not a complicated thing to do and with todays tools and the many good public area’s to fish in you have time to learn your own method to catch the big one!
    The main point in fishing is to have fun and enjoy the time and we all have hopes that we may even catch a few fish also!
    Good luck and keep checking out y/answers because of the many good ppl here with lots of knowledge!

  5. Plastic worms have probalby accounted for more bass than any other kind of bait. They are very versitile and can be fished from the top to the bottom. You can get any size needed from tiny three inch worms to monsters over 10 inches long. And the come in all colors of the rainbow – and hundreds more. Rig them Carolina style, Texas style, on a jig head, weightless and any other way you can imagine and they will catch bass.

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