can I get good deals on fishing equipment at a swap meet?

There’s people that tell me I’m better of going to a swap meet to buy fishing equipment. since i picked up this sport of fishing I’ve been addicted to buying fishing gear. Where can I find good bargins? I’m into collecting lures, like spoons, jiggs and spinners.

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9 thoughts on “can I get good deals on fishing equipment at a swap meet?

  1. as an avigant fishermen i can tell u if your into fishing your going to find your going to buy fishing gear everywhere your going to end up with stuff youll swear your going to use the next time you go and end up finding something else to use before u get there it never stops thats half the fun but if your just in it to collect old lures the swapmeet is the perfect place to start its gets u out the house and u can sometimes find great deals on old lures

  2. I know the feeling and basically the thing with fishing its impossible not to buy new gear, if you don’t have much cash then you could try e bay, or very often your local fishing tackle shop will have a notice on what other anglers want to sell or swap, personally I’m not a fan of second hand gear, because of the fact it could be damaged without you even knowing it.

  3. I have seen it basically two ways, someone is selling their old zebco gear(nothing wrong with that), but everyone has that in the back of the garage. or someone knows what their collectibles are worth and makes sure he gets his money ….but that won’t stop me from buying anything fishing on sale tho……….I have tackleboxes filled……….and I will end up fishing with one lure all day..go figure…

  4. What with you bein’ a collector, swap meets are a good choice. I’ve seen hand carved wooden plugs (lures), spoons etc., at swap meets, where the seller has NO idea that they be a collectors PRIZE (not ta’ even mention rods, reels etc.)! Why didn’t I snatch them up you may ask? Well 1st off, I’m not a collector and secondly not an opportunist for profit (which I’m sure you are not also ;) ). Ha’, addiction ta’ fishin’ and buyin’ the stuff needed ~ ain’t it GRANNND ;) ;) ;)…

  5. Swap meets are okay, I think you’d have more fun going to the Fred Hall Shows. There’s a few coming up. You can find really good deals there on the latest things. If you go to the WaveWalker Booth or SOFTIN booth, ask for me, I’ll take you over to a few places and really get you some good deals! From pure fishing and many other companies. Or you can shop around yourself. Thousands of different companies all in one area. You’ll have a blast!

  6. Yes you can get good deals at swap meets,also auctions,
    flea markets, and don’t forget the discontinued and specials
    at sporting goods and/or department stores. Truthfully, you
    never know where a good deal will show up.

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