4 thoughts on “Can I use a 10ft pier rod to try fly fishing?

  1. no because the types of bait is different and a regular rod wouldn’t do the the same as a fly fishing rod as you might see on tv so in my opinion i think you can’t

  2. The answer is No , because of the action of the rod , but it’s not only the rod that’s different , the line you use is totaly different , as this is where the casting weight comes from , your best option is if you know someone who goes fly fishing see if they will give you a few pointers and maybe let you have a go , see if you like it then buy yourself some gear .
    I promise you if you try with a pier rod you will fail and get so disheartened , do it the right way an you will have a lot of fun .

  3. Not really, The line is different as well as the weight and built of the rods. The action and reels are totally different as well.

  4. No you cannot…..I would go get a fly fishing starter kit, you can find them for as little as $20 online or in the store. You can practice then go for the good stuff. Warning, it’s addicting!

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