Can my 15lbs braid line withstand a 10kg fish ?

Hi, i have just bought an X-Zoga Braid Fishing Line for my Spinning Reel. It is 15lbs, thickness is 0.18mm. Can it withstand a 12kg fish without breaking ?

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5 thoughts on “Can my 15lbs braid line withstand a 10kg fish ?

  1. Sure it can. But it all depends on your ability to fight and land a fish.

    I’ve caught many steelhead in the 20lb. range using 4lb mono leader and 6lb braided mainline. I also regularly catch 60lb chinook with 17lb hybrid leader.

  2. It sure can. Braid is super strong, Set your drag properly and hang on and enjoy. Good luck.

  3. You can catch any fish on most pound test if you fight the fish correctly you dont need the pound test to be heavier or match the weight of the fish take your time with it and use skill.

  4. i’ve brought in 20 pound redfish with 10 lb line and 15 pound channel cats with 6 pound mono. there is a thing called, you’re line lies. if you was to tie it to a fish scale and pull down on it, almost certintly it would break at a higher tension than 15 pounds.

    also i have lost good 8 lb bass when they snapped 10 and 12 lb line. it just depends on the fight in the fish vs. you’re abiltiy to give it line when it needs and keeping it away from cover without putting too much pressure.

    you’re line can hold up to the fish you are talking about, just aint exactly a “perfect” science. the variable always changes. and if you are fishing clear water, don’t use braid unless you want to spend the day casting and retrieving a bait with nothing happening on the other end. mono is relatively clear and can handle more tension since it is able to stretch and give under pressure.

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