5 thoughts on “Can someone explain the differences in bait casters and spinning reels?

  1. Baitcasters a primarily for bass fishing. They let you put heavier line on and let you horse fish out of areas spinning reels cannot. They let you toss heavier baits and are more comfortable to fish with. If you like fighting the fish and ease of use stay with spinning. If you like to just reel the fish in or go after larger fish with bigger fish and risk anoying backlashes go baitcaster. Baitcasters though can be very fishable if you set your breaks right. Then you can typically avoid backlashes.

  2. Andrew is right.. there’s more to it but I’m sure some1 else will answer with everything you need to know about baitcasters..

    I just recently switched over to baitcasters about a month ago and I really like them..you can cast a lot further without having to whip it out full speed like spinning reels lol

    Just make sure you get a decent baitcaster you need to spend more for a decent baitcaster then you would for a decent spinning reel at least $100

    I bought a Abu Garcia Revo STX($159.00) on sale at Tackle Warehouse as my first baitcaster and its impossible to backlash it..I only had about 3 birds nest the first day fishing with a baitcaster and that was it havnt got one since.!

    If your going with baitcasters I would really recommend getting any of the ABU GARCIA REVO’s or Shimano baitcasters Canean, Citica, Chronarch, Curados are fine reels..also heard good things about the Bass Pro Qualifier

  3. Boy Andee… I don’t use nor know much about baitcasters, but sheesh if you don’t know don’t answer!

    “Fishin influenced games… Games influenced me”

  4. Baitcasters are the preferred reel for Bass fishing because with a baitcaster you can Flip & Pitch soft plastics and only one hand is required to cast.

    You can use a crankbait on a Spinning reel or on a Baitcaster, it doesn’t matter.

    Baitcasters are mainly for bass fishing with soft plastics but of course you can use other types of lures like crankbaits.

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