Can someone help me set up my fishing pole correctly?

I have never set a pole up from the beginning and just bought a new rod and reel. It is already set with the line, but I want to know how and where on the line do I put the sinker and those little details that will make me ready to go. Thanks
I would mainly be trout and bass fishing maining with night crawlers, at a lake or creek.

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6 thoughts on “Can someone help me set up my fishing pole correctly?

  1. Depends on what you want to use it for. What are you trying to catch. What bait? What rig? What type of water?

    To get you set up for basic stuff like panfish and trout in small lakes and such, get yourself some sliding egg sinkers. Depending on how light your setup is (line weight, rod, etc.) a 1/2 oz. weight might be ok for now. Slide this sinker over your line.

    Then get a snap swivel and tie it on the line. This will stop the sinker from sliding all the way off. Get ones that are about an 1″ in length. Tie it on using either an improved clinch knot, Trilene knot, or palomar knot. The palomar will be the easiest for a beginner. Make sure you practice trying them first before you trust the knot to hold a fish. Make sure you moisten the line with water or saliva (very important) before you seat the knot. Make sure the know looks good and not sloppy. If it doesn’t look right, do it again. You don’t want to lose a fish because of a bad knot. Snip the left over line (tag end) but leave about 1/4″ left.

    Then buy some leaders which are hooks that are already tied to line. One end is tied to the hook and the other end is tied into a loop. Open the snap on the swivel that you just tied on and attack the leader. Get ones with baitholder style hooks that are about a 1/2″ long to 1″ long. After a while you’ll learn size numbers and which to use. These leaders can be found anywhere just like the sinkers and swivels.

    Next just put on some minnows or worms or powerbait on the hook and you can catch bluegills and maybe some bass. For trout use nightcrawlers. If you have to, eliminate the sinker, tie the swivel on and use a bobber if necessary to have the bait off the bottom.

    Ask around or look on the internet for how to get the proper rig for what you’re fishing for because it really does matter.

  2. There are too many variables. depends on what you are fishing for, where you are fishing from (dock, boat), live or artificial bait, etc…

  3. Heres my answer .. and its the best I can give you without being there to show you in person. go to the place you want to fish, and ask someone fishing how to .. they wont mind most fisher persons love to see someone new to the sport want to learn. Also if that makes you nervous , goto a local tackle shop and ask them to show you.. they will bend over backwards most of the time to help, because they want to be helpful and your a potential customer for a lifetime.

  4. the easiest way to get started is to just tie on a hook to the end of you line, then attach one of those split shot sinkers about 1-2 feet above the hook, then put a bobber above the sinker. adjust the height of the bobber depending on how deep you want your bait to be. then just bait your hook and cast away! your sinker will take the worm down to the depth you’ve determined by your bobber location.

  5. first things first…a Pole is something wires are hung on: i.e. Telephone pole..You probably mean fishing rod!! Find some nice young man that knows the ropes and your problems will be over!!

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