Can someone help me with my Shimano Curado fishing reel?

I have the 200E7 model and when I took it apart to clean it and put it back together, the reel was not functioning right. I discovered the problem was that the anti-reverse system was not functioning correctly. The anti-reverse works, but when I crank the reel handle forward, it is very hard to move. The anti-reverse ratchet and the anti-reverse pawl are rubbing up against one another when I reel forward due to the pressure from the handle. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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2 thoughts on “Can someone help me with my Shimano Curado fishing reel?

  1. l think that you have received responses from a number of people suggesting that you somehow get this reel to shimano or some other reel expert, before it becomes terminal from constantly fiddling with it, and l wholeheartedly agree.
    until you obtain actual schematics and instructions for each of your reels, you will be best off leaving the service to others. and you should start on less complicated and less expensive reels.

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