What kind of fish are usually stocked in small private ponds?

The golf courses at my country club close on Mondays, so I was going to sneak out there and fish in some of the lakes they have on the courses.

I KNOW they have those small fish (I think carp or bluegill, not sure), but I’m not sure what bigger fish they have.

I think that, if there are big fish, they could actually be big.

Here are my main questions:

What kind of fish do you think would be stocked in there?

How likely is it for me to catch ANY fish?

What kind of lures should I use?

Please add any advice or information!
I’ve already gotten permission from my Country Club.
Southeast. Atlanta to be specific.

My club is Cherokee Town & Country Club.

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Fishing bass bluegill lures: What do you think is the most common asked question by beginner fisher men/women?

Im going to say everyday I see a question “whats the best lure” it gets kind of old and anoying but what would you say is most asked by beginners?

Oh my goodness I put those tags so yahoo doesnt put this in words and wordplay.

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How get I get started fishing in Boston?

Hi yall. I’ve never really gone fishing before, only with my grandfather when I was young. And then this weird place in Japan where they basically threw hundreds of fish into small ponds and you paid them to fish. It was very relaxing, although hardly counts as fishing. Now I just want to get the same experience again. Can anyone help me get started? Freshwater/Saltwater.. I don’t care, I just want to catch a few fish and relax near the water. Also can I rent equipment and all that and how much does that cost? Thanks!

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where can i find the fishing lure The Bullet?

where can i find the bullet. it is about 8 inches long, is silver in color. It has a threaded compartment to screw open and put bait inside of, it also has hooks on it. there are holes on the lure to let the scent of the bait get out so the fish can smell it. it is mainly used for salmon, lake trout and other trophy sized fish.

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What are some tips on fishing at Indian Cave State Park in Nebraska?

I have been fishing before but it’s been awhile. I thought as a good family thing to do together I would take my kids fishing at the river for something different. I have fished in a lake before but never a river. I was wondering if anyone could give me any pointers on how? I not sure that it would be different than lake fishing or could I just basically do it the same.

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