I have some questions about fishing (10 points for best answer)?

Right. So I’ve finally found for myself what kinds of bait and tackle work best for me during the morning and day, but my question is, will the same sort of bait work in the night as well?

For example, I have AMAZING luck catching largemouth bass with a red shad senko-type worm and a red colored hook, all rigged texas style with a slipshot right above the hook during the morning and day, but what is the likelihood that the same thing will be productive at night as well?

Thanks in advance.

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How to organize terminal tackle for surf fishing? What do you reccommend?

I want to go surf fishing but have no experience. We have a rod and some hooks etc but were not sure how to tie the best lure/tackle for the given conditions. The beach is a surf beach which has all kinds of fish out in the deep and it has an inlet where sharks often go to feed on smaller fish.

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