inshore/tidal creek fishing in pensacola in june?

my dad goes every year, this year im going with him. he uses a guide he refers to as Captain Wes. he fishes the same types of water i fish, which isnt saltwater. he doesnt get real involved. he throws what captain wes tells him to and mostly listens to stories. my dad says the guy can quote every word of Jaws. pretty entertaining dude.
so i dont want to get real involved either, because i never saltwater fish either. BUT there is something to be said for driving 15 hours with a lure on the dash thinking about what it might catch. basically, what im asking is, can someone give me a very specific lure recommendation?
something i can put all my blind faith in? something that will keep me wound up like a kid for the whole drive?
topwater would be a big plus, all the other actions being equal behind it, to me anyway. most likely using capt. wes’ spinning gear.
j/k about the blind faith thing, i know better.
im a couple hours past grand lake. the opposite direction as florida.

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Which work better in YOUR opinion?

Which is more efficient/effective in enticing fish,hard or soft body lipless cranks?


sorry again in your experience which is better at enticing fish.
No swimbaits are a lure of an entire different breed. I mean literal soft bodied lipless cranks
I replace my trebles on hard or soft lures allready equippd with them, and attatch single barb pinched hooks…

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BackPacking/Fishing Trip Kings Canyon California?

I’m wanting to do a backpacking/fishing trip through kings canyon and was needing some help finding a trail with those 2 hings in mind. every website ive been to so far has been no good. I’m planing on going middle November when its nice and cold. Also is there any good fishing during November up there at that time?

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Heard about the 130 stranded ice fishermen saturday?

On Saturday 2/7/09 there were 130 fishermen that got stranded and had to be rescued from lake Erie. One unfortunate man died after falling in, the rest were saved. They were warned not to go out, they all had to cross a 1 foot gap to get onto the ice. By the time some one tried to head for shore, an 8 mile wide piece of ice had separated from the Ohio shore and that 1 foot gap was now 100 feet. These guys had all kinds of equipment like four wheelers, shantys, power augers, fish finders, tackle, not to mention what they had caught. They all had to leave all their equipment when rescued by hydroplane or helicopter. Many were reported to be back today trying to salvage their equipment. Here is my question…

What would the legality be if other people had went and got that stuff. There was a couple hundred thousand dollars of equipment out there or more. I have heard of some maritime law about something being fair game if abandoned at sea, usually a boat or ship, but in this case ice fishing equipment. What is your opinion or knowledge? Sorry the question is so long, but I thought it was an interesting story if you havn’t heard it yet. Thanks in advance to all who answer. I’m going to leave this one up for a while.

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