English travel writing?

So guys, this is the writing a needa do for english, please let me know if you think anything can be changed. oh its about hong kong by the way,
Hope that its not too long ^^
please feed back

Boat and Beaches

Hong Kong may seem to be a small place, but it is a great place to set foot in when you have a few days of holiday nonetheless. People tend to think that Hong Kong is a small busy town that has buried itself in work. People are often familiar with the theme parks and the local market places, as they have read about them in travel guides. However, these guides usually only write about the market places and the famous tourist spots and ignore some of the most beautiful places in Hong Kong.

Tai Long Wan is located due east of the Sai Kung country park. You can get there by taking the MTR to Ma On Shan station and following the pathway to Sai Sha Road which will lead you to the Tai Mong Tsai Road. The whole hike is going to take around five hours. It may seem to be a long time but you will not regret it once you did it.

There is an alternate route that is by sea. All you need to do is to get yourself to Port Shelter by MTR or you can take the taxi and hire a boat to take you there. The whole trip is merely around a quarter of the time of the hike, which is 1.2 hours. It is recommended that you be in the boat at 4:30 pm so you can watch the sunset.

You will be amazed by the difference between Tai Long Wan to the city centre. How the cement forest from the city has changed into a real forest. Everything is natural with no sign of human activity or pollution. As you open you eyes from your nap on the boat, you will be struck by the hot blazing sun that is hanging halfway up the sky.

The salty and fishy smell of seawater will hit you a few moments later. When your eyes are adjusted to the sunlight, you will be able to see clearly all the way to the horizon, where the water blends in with the sky. As you look down into the water, you will notice how clear the water is and you may be able to faintly make out the features of the seabed. The fishes in that area often welcome tourists by swimming around their boat. They fear no one and act as it they are the master, the king of this area. Wriggling through the water, their shining bodies cut through the water and reflect sunlight at the same time. You will think how marvelous these creatures are.

Right in front you now should be Tai Long Wan. Over the beach are three mountains. All of them are similarly huge and their shapes are almost identical, which makes them look like twin brothers. Green vegetation covers the mountains completely, like a mini version of a tropical jungle. At the same time, the three tall grassy mountains look like they are the peacekeepers of the area, keeping everything in harmony.

Due to the fact that the shore is too shallow for the boat to park, you will need to row a small life boat that will be provided by the owner of the boat. As the boat is lowering its anchor, the fishes below the anchor will act as if they know that it will go down. They will go out of the anchor’s way and form a barrier around it at the same time, surrounding it. You will notice that one of them will soon start to swim between the chains, then the rest of them will follow, burying the anchor under their slimy bodies.

As you lower the lifeboat with a splash, make sure that you have a paddle with you or else you will have a very hard time getting to the beach. A lot of people underestimate the distance between the shore and the boat, causing them to be exhausted when they arrive at the beach and let me tell you now that I bet you will make the same mistake too. Because of the huge waves, you will need to paddle as hard as you can to move forward slowly.

As you reach the shore, the beach there will be a totally different image form what you saw on the boat. The beach is spectacular; the sand, which constantly embraces the rough sea as it licks the beach, making it moist all the time, is so fine that you can almost melt into it.

This place here is also great for sunbathing. Allowing the sun’s ray to touch every part of your body, you are guaranteed to be nicely tanned by the end of the day. You might also catch sight of some crows flying freely in the never-ending sky. Viewing them in front of the sun, you will think twice next time before you use them to describe something bad. With them flying elegantly, you will not believe how creatures can portray such a beautiful image upon themselves.

Having dinner in this environment will probably be one of the most unforgettable experiences for you. With such little distance from nature and you, you will certainly enjoy the food. Even a plain old ham and cheese sandwich will turn itself into a delicious masterpiece of food.

Little by little, you will be stunned by the view as the sun changes from a red face angry headmaster supervising a detention to a warm caring mother. The

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I’m looking for old CD ROM games that I played when I was little…?

I’m trying to find two CD ROM games that I played when I was little. I can’t remember the exact titles or the box lids of either. I will have played them in the years 2001, 2002, and 2003, possibly one a little later than ’03 as well.
The first was a Noddy game by the BBC. It was definitely a BBC game because I remember the old logo appearing at the start of the game. I’m not sure if there was a story to it but I assume it’s a learning game, I’m pretty sure it had a screen at the beginning where you selected your skill level. If it helps I remember part of the story, I think near the end, being a game where you had to fire cream pies at the elf-like char actors (the baddies, basically.)
The second game I think is a lot less well-known. I think it was some sort of camping/exploring trip that you took with an animal character as your guide, who you could choose at the beginning of the game. I can’t remember much of the game itself, but I remember a couple of the mini-game type things. One was where you had to collect different coloured berries from a bush, then enter a cave and used them for painting on one of it’s walls. Also in the cave I think it talked about the difference between stalactites and stalagmites. And one part you could find a fossil of a fish, I think next to a river, I’m not sure, and your guide would explain what a fossil was to you. And I think I remember a scene where it had a big night sky above a forest, and I assume it taught you about constellations, but I’m not too sure.
I know it’s hazy, but it’s worth a try. If there’s anything that you think they could be, let me know or leave a link. Or leave a link to a site that has a lot of old CD ROM games to find on it.
Thanks in advance,
A 14 year old, trying to bring back a piece of her childhood.

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Can someone constrauct this better ?

The guidebook “Lonely Planet” has become a favourite guide to hundreds of thousands travelers around the world. According to this guidebook Bulgaria is among the tenth most attractive destinations for trips in 2010. The articles focus primary on hiking trails among the Bulgarian nature, preserved traditions, and addresses for accommodation at sea and the mountains. Preferable are developed for the purpose of tourism cottages. They offer different experience from the usual hotels- the feeling of home comfort and warmth. At the same time prices in these oases of peace and quiet are fully accessible to every pocket. No wonder that this type of accommodation is becoming increasingly sought-after alternative.
The way you will be welcomed in guest houses is different from the impersonal atmosphere of the hotel reception. Forget the empty look of distracted administrator, grumpy maid or phlegmatic waiter at the restaurant who can not serve properly. If you decide to stay at a guest house, you will be taken care of as a VIP person. Here the hosts look forward and hope each client. The hosts believe that the client will be pleased and he will come back again with friends. Do not be surprised if the hosts invite you to have lunch or have dinner with them or only to drink home made wine and chat as you are friends or relatives. To give you pleasure they will make such a feast which you will remember for a long time. And the next day they will offer walking around, picking herbs, fishing and other entertainments.

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Where to collect fish and coral in the Florida Keys?

Hi, I’m traveling to the Florida Keys later on this month. First of all, let me start by saying that I do know the laws, regulations and requirements for collecting fish in Florida:
http://myfwc.com/docs/RulesRegulations/2009_July_RegsSummary_Newsletter.pdf (page 14)
So please, don’t tell me it is completely illegal, and cannot be done. I know what can and cannot be collected, furthermore I do know how to care for these creatures as I am an experienced hobbyist. My question again is: where would be a good place to collect these fish and coral in the Florida Keys.
Last few times I went to the keys I went snorkeling in Bahia Honda and there is plenty of marine life there, however according to their guide: http://www.floridastateparks.org/bahiahonda/docs/SnorkelinglGuide%20toMarineLifeofBahiaHonda.pdf
it says nothing can be taken from there, except for crab and lobster while they are in season.
I do not have the money at this time to afford a diving trip, so please, if you can, suggest a site that may be accessible by the beach like Bahia Honda is.
I really appreciate your help and expertise!

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Should a Vegan have a pedicure with Garra Rufa Fish?

I was guilt-tripped into having a pedicure where you plunge your feet into a tank of warm water with tiny fish in that eat away at dead skin.
I have been filled with guilt ever since. I had many questions while mey feet were being eaten away and the assistant told me how the fish are farmed and not taken from the wild. She did not tell me how the fish are fed, if the tanks are cleaned etc..
I feel quite mis-guided. All the time my feet were in the tank there were a few fish at the bottom, not moving.
Since the event I have read that the fish are actually vegetarian. I feel sick that I have used a small fish like this, for vanity. When people give me meat, I say NO. So why couldn’t I say NO to the pedicure.
Only one person knew I was vegan there and she told me the fish like the dead skin otherwise they wouldn’t eat.
I am so confused. Please can someone explain the process for these pedicures and whether, as a committed Vegan (for my love of animals, my will to end their suffering, my desire to save the environment and for my own health), have I made a mistake?

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Do any of you SC’s like to fish?

A friend went to Alaska last year on a fly in trip. The first day they got some nice fish. The second day this Texan arrived and, over drinks, asked the folks that had fished the previous day if they did any good. One guy said “yes, I got a trout that measured 10 inches”. The Texan said “ten inches? boys back home I have a pond I stock and some evenings I go down there and catch trout that measure 20 inches, nose to tail”. The guide said “sir, up here we measure them between the eyes”.

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OhMyGOD! Where were all the Reichtwinger raving posts about “travel/spending” when Bush went to Australia?

Bush has a back-up or two for his jumbo
By Doug Conway
5:00 AM Wednesday Sep 5, 2007

George Bush arrives in Sydney last night. Photo / Reuters
Ever feel guilty about over-packing on your travels? George Bush will make you feel better.
The United States President, who arrived in Sydney last night, brought not one Jumbo jet, but three, as well as another two aircraft that carry aircraft. The President’s Jumbo has a back-up, and the back-up has a back-up.
Air Force One can jam enemy radar, and radar-guided missiles, and is equipped with flares to avoid heat-seeking missiles.
The Jumbos are carrying 700 of the President’s closest friends, including a doctor, nurse, personal chef and four cooks.
They are also carrying advisers, and it is clear the President will not be short of advice.
His entourage includes 50 White House political aides, 150 national security advisers and 200 specialists from other government departments.
POTUS, as he is known in Secret Service jargon (President Of The United States), is getting by with a mere 250 protective agents.
That doubtless would have been more if the First Lady was here too, but Laura Bush is back at home nursing a pinched nerve in her neck, a casualty of a hiking trip four months ago.
The President’s Jumbos look small alongside his gargantuan C17 Globemaster III air transports.
They carry the presidential chopper Marine One and a Black Hawk surveillance helicopter.
They are also bearing a fleet of cars that would do credit to a decent-sized business.
It is an understatement to say the President’s limo, Cadillac One, is bullet-proof. Its 12cm ballistic armour makes it anti-tank-grenade-proof.
It is sealed against chemical and biological attacks, too, which means it should just about block out the stench from Sydney’s Pyrmont fish markets.
The President’s men are believed to be bringing their own sniffer dogs.
They are bringing their own guns and bullets, too, believed to be the only delegation to get special dispensation.
That should shave a few dollars off Apec’s A$169 million security budget.


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What do you think of my Italy itinerary?

Hello folks, I have put together a rough sketch of my itinerary for my trip through Italy. I’m going this March over spring break. I plan on visiting Rome and Italy. It’s a little rushed, but I honestly am a little more fast-paced than most people, so I wouldn’t mind being kind of rushed. I mainly want to make sure that the places I want to see are feasible to visit and in similar parts of town.

Just a note: I cannot change the day that I land in Rome (Saturday at 18hr) or the day that I leave (Sunday at 4hr). I cannot change the location where I land. I’m aware that I’d save time if my flight schedule was different, but at this point I cannot change it. The flight and three nights in a Roman hostel are the only reservations that I have paid for though, so everything else is flexible.

What do you think?

Saturday: Land in Rome at 6 p.m., check into my hostel.

Sunday: Cappuchin Crypt – Museum of Rome – Borghese Gallery – Appian Way – Travastere walk (North City Center of Rome)

Monday: Colosseum, Forums, Palatine Hill, Pantheon. Pub crawl.

Tuesday: Castel Sant’Angelo – Ponte Sant’Angelo – Catacombs of Priscilla

Wednesday: Audience with the pope (I have a letter from the Vatican saying I can get tickets!), Sistine Chapel – St. Peter’s basilica – Vatican museum

— At 22 pm–get on a train to to Venice


6 am Hop off the train at San Lucia, arrive in Venice

9 am Walk from St. Mark’s Square to Frari Church (self-guided St. Marks to Rialto Walk chapter).
Stop along the way to the Rialto market to browse

11 am Tour Frari Church, Scuola San Rocco

12 pm Tour Accademia, dorsoduro neighborhood, La Salute Church

13 pm Dorsoduro lunch, vaporetto to St. Mark’s to wander and shop

15 pm St Mark’s basilica

16 pm Doge’s Palace

17 pm Gondola ride

20 pm Dinner

22 pm Dueling orchestras with a drink on St. Mark’s square


11 am Grand canal cruise chapter, vaporetto

13 pm Lunch

14 pm Murano

17 pm Exploring

19 pm pub crawl


8 am Get on a train to to Rome

12 pm Hop off at Rome

16 pm Plane leaves Rome

– Make reservations at the Venice Fish, extend stay at Hostel Alessandro
– Reservations for musuems–museum cards?

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Funny emails like this one?

Why a dog is better than a wife
1. The later you come home the more excited your dogs are to see you.

2. Dogs will forgive you for playing with other dog

3. If a dog is gorgeous, other dogs don`t hate it.

4. Dogs don`t notice if you call them by another dog`s name.

5. Dogs like it if you leave a lot of things on the floor.

6. A dog`s parents never visit.

7. Dogs do not hate their bodies.

8. Dogs agree that you have to raise your voice to get your point across.

9. Dogs like to do their snooping outside rather than in your wallet or desk.

10. Dogs seldom outlive you.

11. Dogs can`t talk.

12. You never have to wait for a dog; they`re ready to go 24 hours a day.

13. Dogs find you amusing when you`re drunk.

14. Dogs like to go hunting and fishing.

15. Another man will seldom steal your dog.

16. A dog will not wake you up at night to ask, “If I died, would you get another dog?”

17. If a dog has babies, you can put an ad in the paper and give them away.

18. A dog will let you put a studded collar and a leash on it without calling you a pervert.

19. A dog won`t hold out on you to get a new car.

20. If a dog smells another dog on you, they don`t get mad. They just think it`s interesting.

21. On a car trip, your dog never insists on running the heater.

22. Dogs don`t let magazine articles guide their lives.

23. When your dog gets old, you can have it put to sleep.

24. Dogs like to ride in the back of a pickup truck.

25. Dogs are not allowed in Maceys, Bloomingdales or Neiman-Marcus.

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