Cheep high quality baitcasting rod and reel for my son this Christmas?

My son is really big into bass fishing now and he fishes tournaments and tours the US. I was wanting to get him the best high quality baitcasting rod and reel I could afford. He said that he wants some kind of Quantum reel, and some kind of split grip style handle rod. I have a low budget this year you guys so can you help a brother out?

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9 thoughts on “Cheep high quality baitcasting rod and reel for my son this Christmas?

  1. You can’t go cheap when you’re tournament fishing. Rods and reels get a workout from all the fish they haul in along with being stepped on and what not. At the least, I’d go with Quantum’s Kinetic PT low-profile baitcaster for $120. It fits the bill as a Quantum baitcaster and has just about the cheapest price I’d go with a tournament fishing reel.

    For the rod, a very good rod with a split grip handle, for only $90, is the St. Croix Mojo Bass casting rod. I would first ask your son what technique he would be using with this new combo you are going to buy him. The Mojo Bass line of rods has many different styles such as a “Soft Plastics rod”, “Swimbait rod”, “Jig ‘N Worm rod”, etc. If he wants a rod for crankbaits, get him the rod that is labeled “Crankbait rod” and so on.

    Quantum Kinetic PT reel –

    St. Croix Mojo Bass –

  2. Buy an Ugly Stik Combo. It will cost you less than $100. My kids all have this type and my oldest has had hers for 15 years and just bought her husband one just like it. You can get it at most sporting goods stores, including Walmart.

  3. Backwater is “preaching the gospel”, (Thumbs UP BC).

    Tourney fishermen need quality rods & reels because they generally put a lot more stress on them than your average Rec fisherman.

    I think BC gave you the correct suggestions on a rod & reel.

    However, if those are still out of your price range here are some other cheaper suggestions:

    1. Kevin Van Dam Signature Series- Currently, this KVD reel is on sale at Bass Pro Shops for $80. That’s a very fair price for such a quality reel. 106 people give this reel a 4.2 out of 5 at BPS- please read the reviews for further info-


    Personally, I think a Mojo (like BC mentioned), would be a solid purchase.

    Here is a link to a BPS page with more rods. (When you get into the $100 – $120 price range most rods are good.) Please read the reviews-

    Expect to pay AT LEAST $200 for a tournament worthy fishing outfit.

    If you can’t afford $200 for the combo then think about getting him something different……..

    In other words, don’t buy him something he won’t be able to USE! Not when there are MANY different quality products you can purchase cheaper than $200……

    Peruse Bass Pro’s website. They have tons of, (less expensive), stuff for fishermen.

    Strange; most touring Pro’s have some type of rod and reel sponsor’s………………….

    Anywho, hope this helps ya? Good luck in your search.

    (PS- BC gets my vote for best answer.)

  4. Oh contraire! You CAN go cheap. Nothing about tournaments require one to have a “non-cheap” rig. You obviously are on a budget. Buy an inexpensive rod and reel and then upgrade when you can. There are a LOT!!!!!!!! of quality “cheep” baidcasting rods and reels out there. After putting your hands on some at your local WalMart, Kmart, Dunham’s, etc. store, check out Cabela’s bargain cave and Bass Pro Shops clearance section. You’ll be surprised what you’ll find. Right now is a great time to order on-line too since all of the vendors are competing for your business and offering money off, free shipping, etc. Don’t forget to search the “” site for additional savings.

  5. Yeah, I agree with the previous answers. I would go with the new Quantum Kinetic PT baitcast ree for $119.99.

    As for rods, I would go with the new Abu Garcia Vendetta. These rods had just came out, they have a split grip and they are great rods.

  6. you can either get the ROD or REEL if youre on a budget… Quantum or any REVO is GREAT,,, I got a REVO from for 89 bucks… its 129 at Bass Pro or any other store… Abu Garcia VENDETTA is the newest rod out there,,, 80 bucks… or the Vengence(one step down from the new Vendetta-50bucks)…they are both awesome… if you cant afford both,, just get him one of the two… he will GREATLY appreciate either alone…. I know I would

  7. “cheap” and “high quality” are mutually exclusive terms.
    get him a shimano “curado” reel and a shimano “crucial” rod (which has a lifetime warranty) and he will have a first class fishing outfit that won’t break the bank and any pro would be proud to use (unless his sponsors said NO).
    Bass Pro Shop and Cabela’s both sell this reel on one of their own rods as a combo that will save you some bucks while maintaining quality.
    you don’t put a reel of this class on a “youggly” stik.

  8. Yes don’t buy him one.

    If he is touring the country fishing and you have a very tight budget then don’t get him one.

    There is NO such thing as a high quality reel that is also inexpensive. I’m sorry but it is the simple truth.

    Same thing goes for Rods.

    Instead of getting him something you can’t afford try making time to spend together fishing. That will be a much greater gift whether he realizes it now or not.
    I wish I could go fishing with my dad again but he is fishing up in heaven now.

  9. I prefer to use Penn fishing tackle when fishing especially for bass I have never had any problems with any of there tackle. I find the Penn reels are more suitable when using braided fishing line as well. Penn have been around for a long time.

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