7 thoughts on “Could you use a fish finder fishing from a bank ? Will it work ?

  1. My friend actually has something you might be interested in. You put a device on the end of your line, like you would a lure, and cast it out. As you reel in it transmits info to a receiver you wear like a wrist watch. He just got it though from Bass Pro I believe, and hasn’t used it yet.

  2. hummingbird has one that you cast out like a float and you put the graph on your wrist like a watch

  3. Two products out there are designed for shore/dock fishing.

    One is called something like the Fishing Buddy ; its a long pole with electronics on one end and can look sideways under docks, trees, etc.

    The other is made my Minn Kota and consists of a remote transducer you cast out and then look at a watch like receiver to see the depths. I have not used either but have read that they both work pretty good. I think I’d prefer the Fishing Buddy rig, since you can also use it on a canoe or boat that you may want to rent or borrow.

  4. Yes they have them, but, the purpose of a fish finder is to help you isolate fish when there is a large amount of water to cover. Using a fish finder on a bank, in my opinion, seems to defeat the purpose and sport of fishing as a form of recreation. In other words using your wits, experience and EYES (with polarized glasses of course) to find the fish.

  5. yes hummin bird makes a cast-able version with a receiver that clip onto your rod, i have never had much success with the cast-able versions.

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