Do i need to replace my fishing line?

I left my rod and reel outside over the winter. I live in PA so we get snow and rain. I’m sure it got wet, but when i cats the reel seems to be okay. It was in an overhang by my house so it was in the shade at all time (no UV damage)What I’m wondering is do i need to replace my line if it has been unused and wet for a couple of months.

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8 thoughts on “Do i need to replace my fishing line?

  1. yeah replace it! its been out and also people may hav hurt it or something u can try fishin wit it but replace it afta dat

  2. I replace mine a couple times per season. Once before ice out in preparation for spring and usually once more halfway through the open water season. You can tell if it breaks easily, feels nicked, or has memory.

  3. Greenbean is right, the only thing I can add. Find a place indoors if possible to store your rod and reel. They’ll last longer, your line will last longer, and you’ll spend less money on repairs or replacements. I would say the percentage is high on breakoffs when the fish of a lifetime is hooked due to poor line management and insufficent knot tying. I respool my mono after 2 to 3 fishing trips.

  4. yes i would, you should replace the line ever 3 to 4 months depending on how often you go, if you go about every week end
    (like me) i would recommend every 1 to 2 months.

    “`good catchin“`

  5. Sure, it cost very little to be assured that when that big bass breaks your line, it wasn’t your fault. Pull half the line off your reel- this will be your backing- tie on fresh line and fill it to one eighth of an inch from the top of your spool- This way it will not be very costly to put on fresh line on a regular basis, and it is somewhat of a waste to fill the spool with new line when it is not necessary. Good luck and good fishing!

  6. i would i change my line every season. its just not worth it to lose the big one.

  7. You should change your line at least once a year, more often if you use it a lot.

    Of all your fishing tackle, this is not the place to economize. Remember, your line is the only thing between you and your fish!!

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