3 thoughts on “Does anyone have a fishing Camera (Video system)?

  1. b&w is wht I have you can catch more fish with them and fish finder I like the showdown ff. good luck

  2. Obviously, a more expensive color screen would give you some more detail and info but (in my opinion), don’t purchase the camera to look specifically for fish.

    A camera works well in conjunction with your fish finder when looking for fish holding structure.

    For Ice-fishing it’s a great tool to find out whats biting your lure/bait.

    Don’t expect to have great clarity in any type of stained water, (unless your looking to spend big bucks- 600 + $). All the cameras in the $100-$300 range are tough to view in depths over 20 FT, therefore you HAVE to purchase an after market light to attach to your camera, (they cost approx $20-$25). You should also def get the tripod attachment that secures the camera in the direction you want to see, ( because 8 times out of 10 your camera cord will have a kink & will NOT want to turn in the direction you wish). If you intend to use it for scouting structure on a boat, understand that your boat’s movement will not allow you to get a great picture of anything. In fact, it is my opinion that they work decent for icefishing but are tough to view any other time.

    In my experience, you should “coddle” any camera you decide to purchase because many are just not designed for hardcore usage.

    Here are some decent camera’s:




    Hope this helps ya? Good luck and don’t catch’m all!

  3. l fish. but l like to take my camera out on my kayak and just cruise the shoreline observing fish, bottom, structure, etc. l only have a less expensive b/w model from harbor freight but it works good. the drawback with this one and most others is you have to have a shade on it so you can see the picture. I’ve seen an awesome color one that no shade was needed and you could see the picture in bright daylight but don’t remember which one it was. might have been aqua vu.
    l had a bass attack my camera once. should had a hook on it. that would have been a first!

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