Does anyone have any tips on sturgeon fishing?

This summer my grandpa and I want to catch some sturgeon.There aren’t many in the lake we are going to fish at,and it is also a very busy lake.So any tips on any aspect of sturgeon fishing would be great! :)

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5 thoughts on “Does anyone have any tips on sturgeon fishing?

  1. The best bait to use is live eel, about 1ft long, and drop it to the bottom of the lake. Good luck!

  2. Depends on where you live,around here,(NY)fishing for this species is illegal,because they are protected,check your local laws to find out if its the same where you live.Or if you and gramps are just plain old poachers then don’t bother and fish them out of existence like everybody else has.I am NOT anti fishing if that’s what you are thinking,it takes years for these fish to grow to large sizes,if its legal where you live to fish for them, then by all means,fish them,they are bottom feeders and eat stuff off the bottom,clams,worms,dead stuff,if you want a real challenge,try spearing them through the ice.good luck and good fishing

  3. Fish with Bass Shiners off the bottom from the bank.
    Now if your in the boat and fishing a rive…use a Bobber and a 6 ft leader and no weight and let the fish naturally flow with the current down stream.

    Sturgeon get very big and I catch them in the Ocmulgee River. The pics on on my blog page of the river where I catch them…the Ocmulgee is the best place for Sturgeon here.

    The reach 50 pounds. Most of the time they snap a 25 pound test because of the rocks.

  4. A big hook with a great big gob of worms works really good, use about ten worms. Worms are very cheap you can find them under any mulch pile or if you have good soil you can go out at night time with a flashlight and look for nightcrawlers, but be careful to grab them with a firm grip and don’t jerk, just pull nice and slow, we do that all the time when we go to my Grandpa and Grandma’s house, or you can just buy some nightcrawlers. Get a heavy weight fishing rod and a baitcasting reel with about 30 to 50 pound line, hook on a big sinker about three feet in front of the hook and let it drop in a deep hole(don’t cast it) then prop up your rod and wait for a bite, you might want to bring a smaller fishing pole along so you can fish for some other fish while your waiting.
    Or just bring a good book, no game boys or anything like that because that just ruins your time out fishing.

    Good Luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I Really Hope You And Your Grandpa Catch Something!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. These monsters rely on their keen sense of smell to find food….so load you hooks full, then secure the bait to the hooks tightly with bait wrap string……

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