Does it matter if you use a spinning rod/reel compared to a baitcaster when bass fishing?

I’m new to the bass fishing world, and I’m just concerned if I need to buy a seperate type of rod/reel for bass fishing (baitcaster), for I only have experience using a spinning set-up for bluegill fishing. Any advice?

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6 thoughts on “Does it matter if you use a spinning rod/reel compared to a baitcaster when bass fishing?

  1. For casual fishing, a spinning outfit’s easier. But a baitcaster gives you more control over your casts and a better feel for bites. There’s a reason most pros use baitcasting gear.

  2. I am no pro but i am an avid bass fisherman. I use both for different baits and lures. Spincast is very easy and can be used with any bait or lure. It also has a very long casting range unlike a baitcaster. Baitcast takes some time to get use to and can be discouraging at first. I use a baitcast for Jerk baits and topwater because there is better control. i have also used it for tubes and other plastic baits with a lot of success. Start with a spincast to get familiar with different types of baits and lures and the action needed to fish with them. and when you decide you want to take it to the next level get a baitcaster. I fished with a Spincast for years before i bought a baitcaster. a baitcast reel is also a lot better when your on a boat and are targeting certain spots by flipping or pitching the bait. A Spincast is better if fishing from shore. Hope this helps.

  3. Got to agree that the spinning rod and reel are easier to use but as stated in the previous poster”s answer there are more advantages to using a baitcasting reel. The ability to place the bait more where you want it and control the lure easier are the biggest advantages. You can also use heavier line with a baitcasting reel than you can with a spinning reel of comparable size. They do take some getting use to but with some practice it will become 2nd nature. Don’t skip on the quality when buying a new one. No need to spend 100’s of dollars but make sure you get a good quality baitcaster when you decide to make the purchase. I suggest getting a cheap one from a flea market or garage sale just to get the feel of it before you go and spend money on a new one. I bought my first one for $10 from a garage sale before I decided that was the route I wanted to go….glad I did. Check out the source below for some info on the subject.

  4. I don’t even own a baitcaster. I just use spinning for everything and I must say the fish don’t know the difference.

  5. I dont recommend a baitcaster. The bests thing to use would be an open faced reel with a light action rod so your lure gets plenty of play.

  6. Do you plan to use all the different varieties of lures Bass fishermen have at their disposal?

    A Spinning rod/reel is mostly designed specifically for “light tackle” Bass fishing using lighter lures and lines.

    Baitcaster’s are important to Bass fishing because:

    A. Baitcaster’s can be easily spooled with heavier & larger diameter lines- Why is this important? Larger diameter lines (in the 14lb to 17lb size) help heavy lures sink slower due to “diameter drag”. This is VERY important when fishing with Spinnerbaits, larger Crankbaits & Jigs, Etc.
    Mono lines have a “high floating characteristic” that also slows the sink rate of larger Bass lures…..

    Heavier lines are stronger, more abrasion resistant, and can generally take a lot of abuse.

    B. Baitcasters tend to be more accurate- After practicing with your baitcaster you will notice a vast improvement in accuracy between your spinning outfit and your baitcasting outfit. Obviously, putting the lure exactly WHERE you want it is very important in fishing…….

    C. Baitcasting rods tend to come in more “Bass specific” actions- Although you CAN use Spinning outfit’s for a majority of B-fishing, by using a baitcasting outfit you can more “refine” your fishing techniques. (Analogy- Why use a car for off-roading when you could use a jeep or a 4 wheel drive?)

    Bottomline?? If you plan to take Bass fishing seriously you NEED to be able to use a baitcasting outfit. is a great website with tons of info on Bass fishing. Peruse the site and read as much as you can.

    Here’s an interesting article-


    Hope this helps ya?

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