English travel writing?

So guys, this is the writing a needa do for english, please let me know if you think anything can be changed. oh its about hong kong by the way,
Hope that its not too long ^^
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Boat and Beaches

Hong Kong may seem to be a small place, but it is a great place to set foot in when you have a few days of holiday nonetheless. People tend to think that Hong Kong is a small busy town that has buried itself in work. People are often familiar with the theme parks and the local market places, as they have read about them in travel guides. However, these guides usually only write about the market places and the famous tourist spots and ignore some of the most beautiful places in Hong Kong.

Tai Long Wan is located due east of the Sai Kung country park. You can get there by taking the MTR to Ma On Shan station and following the pathway to Sai Sha Road which will lead you to the Tai Mong Tsai Road. The whole hike is going to take around five hours. It may seem to be a long time but you will not regret it once you did it.

There is an alternate route that is by sea. All you need to do is to get yourself to Port Shelter by MTR or you can take the taxi and hire a boat to take you there. The whole trip is merely around a quarter of the time of the hike, which is 1.2 hours. It is recommended that you be in the boat at 4:30 pm so you can watch the sunset.

You will be amazed by the difference between Tai Long Wan to the city centre. How the cement forest from the city has changed into a real forest. Everything is natural with no sign of human activity or pollution. As you open you eyes from your nap on the boat, you will be struck by the hot blazing sun that is hanging halfway up the sky.

The salty and fishy smell of seawater will hit you a few moments later. When your eyes are adjusted to the sunlight, you will be able to see clearly all the way to the horizon, where the water blends in with the sky. As you look down into the water, you will notice how clear the water is and you may be able to faintly make out the features of the seabed. The fishes in that area often welcome tourists by swimming around their boat. They fear no one and act as it they are the master, the king of this area. Wriggling through the water, their shining bodies cut through the water and reflect sunlight at the same time. You will think how marvelous these creatures are.

Right in front you now should be Tai Long Wan. Over the beach are three mountains. All of them are similarly huge and their shapes are almost identical, which makes them look like twin brothers. Green vegetation covers the mountains completely, like a mini version of a tropical jungle. At the same time, the three tall grassy mountains look like they are the peacekeepers of the area, keeping everything in harmony.

Due to the fact that the shore is too shallow for the boat to park, you will need to row a small life boat that will be provided by the owner of the boat. As the boat is lowering its anchor, the fishes below the anchor will act as if they know that it will go down. They will go out of the anchor’s way and form a barrier around it at the same time, surrounding it. You will notice that one of them will soon start to swim between the chains, then the rest of them will follow, burying the anchor under their slimy bodies.

As you lower the lifeboat with a splash, make sure that you have a paddle with you or else you will have a very hard time getting to the beach. A lot of people underestimate the distance between the shore and the boat, causing them to be exhausted when they arrive at the beach and let me tell you now that I bet you will make the same mistake too. Because of the huge waves, you will need to paddle as hard as you can to move forward slowly.

As you reach the shore, the beach there will be a totally different image form what you saw on the boat. The beach is spectacular; the sand, which constantly embraces the rough sea as it licks the beach, making it moist all the time, is so fine that you can almost melt into it.

This place here is also great for sunbathing. Allowing the sun’s ray to touch every part of your body, you are guaranteed to be nicely tanned by the end of the day. You might also catch sight of some crows flying freely in the never-ending sky. Viewing them in front of the sun, you will think twice next time before you use them to describe something bad. With them flying elegantly, you will not believe how creatures can portray such a beautiful image upon themselves.

Having dinner in this environment will probably be one of the most unforgettable experiences for you. With such little distance from nature and you, you will certainly enjoy the food. Even a plain old ham and cheese sandwich will turn itself into a delicious masterpiece of food.

Little by little, you will be stunned by the view as the sun changes from a red face angry headmaster supervising a detention to a warm caring mother. The

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  1. Its really interesting and informative and you have used good imagery to create very vivid scenes that appeal to all the senses. The only change I would make is in the final sentence and say ‘red faced’ rather than red face.

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