Fish finder questions help….?

Now I know what your thinking… He needs help buying one… Thats not the case…

See I was watching an old 90s cartoon hoping to feel nostalgia… now I was getting to 1 specific episode and the cartoon is really really childlike. now.. two of the sota main characters were fishing and they had what looked to be sonar fish finders on their rods…

Now since this was a kids show back in the 90s (Y7) I am curious. Are these real? I mean since the show could easily make stuff up you know… so small fish finders that you mount on a side opposite the reel?


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One thought on “Fish finder questions help….?

  1. Wishful thinking in the 90’s methinks…In 2003 Humminbird did come out with a transducer that you attach to your fishing line with a small sonar screen you could attach to your wrist(like a watch) or there was also a model that mounted on the rod.These operated via a radio signal instead of a wire .These were/are called Smartcast .

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