6 thoughts on “Fishing lures and tackle or spearguns?

  1. The best and most effective lures would depend on what I’m after… since my quarry is the largemouth bass, I use a number of different lures. From soft plastics to big swimbaits… from jigs to live shad, it all depends.

    As far as spearguns go, no way. I see that as a form of cheating. If you want fish, catch them with rod and reel and buy them at the market. Only way I would ever use a speargun is if I had one and I wanted to hurt someone that was speargunning sharks.

  2. I’ve used both and they have there place. I always go back to the rod tha reel though, much more versatile and you don’t have to get wet…

  3. I have never used a spear gun. But with a few rods and my tackle box I can catch a lot of fish and let them go if I don’t want them.

  4. I have used both, and there is a place for both. Spearguns are illegal in most fresh water streams and lakes, in any case. In the ocean or certain bays where spearfishing is legal, it is fun, and I think, sporting. Fishermen kill far more fish with lures and bait than spearfishermen do, anyway.

  5. it depends if you like to get wet and sort of “hunt” for fish then a spear gun. personally i prefer rod and reel as i can always put fish back and i never know for sure wat im gonna bring up. also spear fishing is difficult as you have to make sure the fish is of legal size before you shoot it, if it has a minimum size

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