Fishing Reel question Shimano Curado?

What does anyone think of the Shimano Curado 100D reel. I am planning on purchasing a small profile baitcaster for fishing. I like the low depth of the spool along with the spool material. I also am looking for a reel that fits well in the hand. The problems I have had with previous baitcasters was they fatigued my hand after a few hours of fishing. What does anyone think?

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2 thoughts on “Fishing Reel question Shimano Curado?

  1. Curados are nice reels, but I’d hold off a little while. Shimano will be coming out with their new line of reels soon, and the Curado is being updated. You will probably be able to pick up some of this year’s reels at a discounted price when the new line comes out.

    With that said, don’t just limit your options to the Curado. I had 6 of them, and sold all of them and bought the Daiwa Advantage. I like the Advantage better than I did my Curados…the Advantage casts a lot farther and is a lot smoother than the Curado (at least I think so).

    Below is a link to the updated Curado on TackleTour

  2. It’s a good reel but look at the Shimano Scorpion. It’s much smaller.
    Also, look for a light weight rod–it will help with fatigue too.

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