13 thoughts on “Have you ever bought expensive gear and then find out later something cheaper works better?

  1. Yeah, in fishing and hunting both.I used high dollar bow quivers that ran over a $100 for years and had one break on a camping trip and the only one that they had at the closest town was a $25 one.I had to buy it so I did. Its been the best quiver I ever had. I love it.I had always passed it up before, because something so cheap couldn’t possibly be any good. Or so I thought.Another lesson well learned.

  2. No. My gear is chosen specifically for the conditions they are chosen for. I have never found a really cheap deal withstand the harsh environment of saltwater for more than a few months. I am a firm believer of you get what you pay for but you pay with some common sense as well. I wadefish for redfish and speckled trout and may cast 200 plus times in a morning. I need something light and strong. Now if all I fished are catfish from the side of a bank maybe once a year, then of course there is no need to buy anything expensive.

  3. Nope never been caught in that boat! I always do a lot of reading and asking around before I buy. Then will go to BPS, Cabela’s or Gander Mt. and see how they feel/fit my needs.
    Only problem I have ever had with expensive rods in G. Loomis.
    Only have one left out of 5 the others broke within a week of getting them. Needless to say I will never ever buy another G. Loomis rod, when a H&H, Falcon, Powell, E21(Carrot Stick) or Dobyns is half the price and never had any trouble out of them.

  4. Oh yes-Fishpond fly vests. They really are a big letdown for the price, i bought one a few years ago now for about $130 and what a total piece of junk! its not comfortable, has no built in retractors and doesn’t sit properly on your shoulders. Im afraid that its Simms all the way now.

    However some cheap things don’t work that well, such as cheap fly lines. I think try before you buy is the real outcome before buying anything expensive.

  5. Yep slammed a St. Croix Mojo Bass trigger rod in my car door and shattered it all to hell. Although i loved that rod i haven’t decided to buy another one. I like my Berkley Lightning Rod Shock’s just as much as that Mojo Bass and they’re half the price.

  6. Can’t say that I have, mainly because I still hold onto the theory that, even ta’day, one gets what they pay for;)… < * { {{ > < GF ~ Sorry bout’ the bad luck with them G. Loomis rods. Personally ~ luv em’ ;)..

  7. I went through several of the “better brand” rods for river catfishing. Couldn’t find a single rod that stood up to the fish until a friend of mine suggested I get an Ugly Stik Catfish rod. Now those are the only rods I fish for cats with. I haven’t had one break yet, and they’re only 40 bucks!

  8. No.

    Just like O.G. said, I purchase gear that is specifically made for what I use and what I target.

  9. No I can’t say that I have. I started out thinking maybe I could get away w/ using a cheaper reel or rod or line or whatever….NOPE, You absolutely get what you pay for. Sure maybe someone who catches catfish once a month doesn’t demand as much out of their equip. as me but it simply will not take the wear and tear I put on it. I have favorite brands across the board that work well and take the abuse.

    Allstar and G-loomis Rods
    Daiwa and Quantum Reels
    Berkley Big game Monofilament
    Power pro Braids
    StrikeKing softplastics
    Mirrolure Hardbaits
    Owner and Gamagatsu Hooks
    Carolina Lunker Sauce
    Minn Kota Trolling motors

    these may not be the only products that work but they are what I use and they do what I need them to do

    Fisher King- I know what you mean, Pushpole prices are CRAZY! Its a fibergass or carbonfiber pole w/ a triangle tip, shouldn’t be $300. I’ve never made one but I know people who have made nice one’s for $50

  10. In regards to Reels- No.

    I’ve never purchased an expensive reel and said- “Dang! This Steez, (Lamson, Abel, Stradic), just doesn’t “do it” for me like that Shimano FX series, (lol).

    However, when it comes to rods, I’ve learned that even the MOST expensive rods will break- Murphys Law states- “The more you pay for a fishing rod, the more likely you will break it.”

    That’s where warranties become very helpful. (But, I understand GF’s views- a broken rod on tourney day can “jinx” you and put you in a bad mood- killing your momentum!)

    I’ve got expensive rods, but here lately, I’ve been buying “cheaper” ones and wearing them out within a season. My cheapest set of rods comes in at $60 and they do a fine job without breaking the bank, (Fenwick “Iron Hawk” from Gander Mt- the Medium Heavy is very nice).

    I have not purchased the Berkley Shock yet but I’ve dinked around with it at the store. In my opinion, they would def be “worthy” for a season of fishing.

    I’m real hard on my rods. After catching over 1000 fish on a Flippin’ Stick you begin to worry…..esp on T-day, (lol).

    Wet Weather Gear??- A Goretex suit beats the pants off a “poncho”! (lol)

    Lures & tackle?? The cheaper the better! Thank you Ebay! A “used” lure catches JUST as many fish as a new one does. You should see the prices on Fly’s PT…….Even if they are “horse-shite” made fly’s and only hold up to 1-2 fish, at those low prices you can afford to throw them away.

    Hooks??- Always get Owner, Gamakatsu, Daiichi. If your using ‘ole Eagle Claw your missin’ strikes!

    Electronics’s- YES! When I was a young lad and Humminbird hit the scene with it’s “3D” fish finder I was “mesmerized”. Three DDD’s! Holy Smokes! I saved up $650 and thought I’d be in “electronics’s heaven”.

    Then “grey-scale” came out, ( Lowrance got rid of graph paper and did the “grey thing”). And then Garmin hit hard with their product’s. Within 4-5 years my View looked perty “dim”, (lol). I realized the 3D was a gimmick and didn’t “really” give you any better view.

    Word of advice guys/gals, (which I learned the hard way)- Unless you MAINLY angle in waters OVER 20 FT don’t concern yourself with $1000 fishfinders! Yes! They are cool to watch and if your Offshore fishing or Reef fishing in saltwater they are a must. But if your a typical “lake” angler spend your money elsewhere. A low-mid level Finder is really all you need!

    Push Poles- YES! I made a KILLER push-pole out of a fiberglass & aluminum “painter’s roller pole” from Home Depot. If your EVER in need of a push pole and don’t have $200-$300 for a “top of the line” PP, GO to Home Depot, Ace Hardware, Etc and look in the painter’s section. They run about $60-$80, and work Well! Just bolt a piece of “V-shaped” , heavy-walled, PVC on the end and your SET! (Brandon, you know what I’m talking about I’ll bet?)

    Well, I guess I could go On and ON- Rambling! Needless to say, my abbreviated answer would be “YES- on occasion”.

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