have you used castmaster fishfinder?

It is in Bass pro shops catalog and you cast the sensor in the water and the led screen is mounted on your wrist like a watch I wanted to know if you ever used it and if it works good in lakes and rivers

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3 thoughts on “have you used castmaster fishfinder?

  1. i know someone that has that and it works real crappy u r better off gettin small depth finder rather than getting that castmaster

  2. I have never used one.
    However, for about 50 bucks more.
    you could get a good portable one with a 5 inch screen
    also at bass pro.

  3. I had the bigger model and didnt care for it it’s ok if you only want to know the depth.Didn’t seem to have very good range either.didn;t seem to work well in fast current or movement

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