How can I find out when fish stockings are?

Say like in frazier park tait ranch trout ranch? I was fishing there today and got kicked out by the sheriff because the helicoptors had to come and take the water from there to spray at the fire. And whats a good artificial bait that you can throw and reel in for trout like recommended spinners and would tubes work? Thanks

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2 thoughts on “How can I find out when fish stockings are?

  1. Go to wa, fish and wild life, and look for stocking can find any lake.

  2. trout or catfish plants by the state of california are listed on their web site,

    local jurisdictions may also plant fish you will have to call the lake manager for that info

    Tait Ranch Trout Ponds
    3344 Frazier Mountain Park Rd.
    Frazier Park, CA 93225
    (661) 245-6315

    Best baits are night crawlers and power baits, lures would be spinners and such like rooster tails, needle-fish, and super-dupers.

    @Tait Ranch primarily caters to the fly fisherman. It’s best to contact them as to what flies work best there. I cannot say I have “been there done that” yet and their prices for fishing are very steep ($15 an hour!) so it’s not likely for me to try out the place any time soon.

    Good luck!

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