How do fish finders that are used on boats work?

I can always see fish on the screen, but in reality I don’t believe they are really there. I have one on the front of my boat, and one on the back. Neither one show the same amount of fish at any one time.

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2 thoughts on “How do fish finders that are used on boats work?

  1. They work by sonar, or sound waves. The fish finder sends out sound waves that bounce back when they encounter something. If they don’t hit anything they bounce back when they hit the bottom. Soft bottoms will absorb much of the sound wave while rocks and other hard bottoms will reflect a stronger signal back. By measuring the time it takes for the signals to return, fish finders can calculate the depth of the objects or fish. The depth of the water plays a part in how much of the bottom you are seeing. This is due to the cone that the sound wave forms. The deeper the water the wider the cone is at the bottom. As an example, if you are in ten feet of water and your fish finder’s transducer has a 20 degree cone, you are able to see about 3 and a half feet of the bottom on your screen. This would account for the difference in your fore and aft units.

    The higher the quality the fish finder is the greater the clarity and sensitivity you will get. Also the higher frequencies like 200 khz give you more detail and the lower frequencies like 50khz are able to penetrate water better and give you better depth and bottom readings.

    There’s more to it, more than is practical on this venue. But keep in mind that things like water clarity and air bubbles all effect your fish finder. Some of the brands have tutorials and screen simulations on their website to help you become better at using your sonar/fish finder. Some also offer DVD’s. It’s a good idea to learn more on how to use this tool.

    Hope this helped you some…

  2. honestly, good fishfinders are expensive. i had some peice of cr*p hummingbird on my first boat. than i upgraded i bought two lowrance hds 10’s. the difference is night and day. you get what you pay for. if you want a fish finder that works than drop some cash.

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