how do I fish for bass in the summer?

I am a fisherman in Ohio. I have not had any luck for the past month and i was wonderin where I should fish for bass in the summer, and what I should use to catch bass in all of Ohio’s murky water?

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6 thoughts on “how do I fish for bass in the summer?

  1. you will need to use a bait rig or a rubber sand-eel or a crab that is pealing its shell but you will need bait elastic to tie it on also you can collect some live bait such as lug worms or even if you have a eel net you can go and collect some for yourself.

  2. William ohios a long way from the ocean.
    Blake just stick to crankbaits there easy enough.

  3. Its called go fishing in hagerman if you live in Idaho that’s where the most bass is

  4. It really depends on type of cover your fishing. Typically in murky water you want a dark bait, something that puts out good vibrations, noise and is larger in size.

    You could try a swimbait, crankbait, spinnerbaits, jigs, chatter bait, plastic worms, Alabama rigs, etc…

    If your fishing rocky banks try a crankbait. You could try colors like fire tiger, chartreuse, black and blue etc… (It depends on the time of day and how murky the water is)

    If your fishing grass, trees, etc… try a spinnerbait (especially if it’s windy and you get some cloud cover) Try one with a larger colorado blade or a tandem willow with good vibration. The key to spinnerbaits in this situation is color and vibrations. When your throwing a Spinnerbait in murky water and/or at night as your reeling in you want to feel your rod tip go, “thump, thump, thump” You need to have the bait give off a really good vibration.

    Of course there are many other factors that go into this but hopefully this should get you on the right track.

    Hope this helps,


  5. try a popper. they are about 5 bucks for one. since your fishing in murky water, the sound of the popper might lure the bass in, since a shinny worm or spinner/jig might be hard for the fish to see. use sound, scent and sight to your advantage.

    if you want a lot of lures like a popper, but don’t have money for a lot. you could always make one. all you need is a cork (like a wine cork that is long and skinny, not the short and fat ones) a knife to slit a place for the hooks, some waterproof glue and some none toxic paint. it may rack up a few bucks, but after getting glue and paint, the hooks and corks are cheap.

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