How do I retrieve tube and brush hog in bass fishing?

Ok so I now have all my gear to go bass fishing and im using some soft plastic tubes and brush hogs mainly using a carolina rig. I will be fishing in lakes for small mouth and large mouth. After casting what are some good methods of retrieval for the lures other than just reeling it in. for instance should i pause for so many seconds after the bait hits the water then reel? or should i reel then pause for so many seconds then reel again?

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3 thoughts on “How do I retrieve tube and brush hog in bass fishing?

  1. a good technique is to keep the tip of the rod down, or at least level, and twitch it side to side, cranking the reel a couple times and then pausing. bass usually dont hit when the lure is motionless, but the longer you have it in the water the better you are. reel in slowly, twitch the lure left and right slowly, and always take your time. a really good lure for bass would be the moss mouse, its a weedless top water lure and i always catch a lot of bass on it.

  2. Bass WILL hit a motionless bait. With a carolina rig, it is all about keeping it on the bottom. Try to drag the weight on the bottom as much as possible, that makes noise, which attracts the fish.

    As far as how to reel it in, try a lot of different techniques until you get a bite, then try to duplicate what you were doing. But the most important thing with a c-rig is to keep that bait on the bottom, just drag it along, eventually something will grab it. Good luck.

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