How do i set the drag on my fishing pole?

i also have a question about a certain fish, in spanish they call it lisa and in english i think its mullet? they are the fish that are always jumping out of the water. What kind of bait do i use to catch it because other people say that the only way to get those fish out of the water is to foul hook them and i want to prove them wrong so they know theres another way to catch them.

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2 thoughts on “How do i set the drag on my fishing pole?

  1. u dont.
    drag is set on the reel.
    depends on the reel.
    if it is an open face spincast the drag is the knob either on the front or the back of the reel.if it is on the front,as u are fishing with the reel,and adjusting with ur left hand u will turn it to ur left to tighten the drag.if it is on the back,more than likely u will use ur right hand and u turn to the right to tighten.
    for a baitcast it will be a star shape under the reel handle.turn it forward to tighten and back to loosen.
    as far as the mullet they are vegetarians.i read they very seldom will bite a hook.and it did not give a bait

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