How do I ship a fishing rod?

I am planning to sell a couple fishing rods on Ebay but I have no idea how to ship them. Can anyone offer a suggestion on how to do this? They are anywhere between 6 and 7 feet long.

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6 thoughts on “How do I ship a fishing rod?

  1. take it down and put it in an appropriate cardboard mailing tube of the right length or make one from pvc pipe.

  2. They sell tubes for that reason. Try your Kinkos-Fed ex or UPS shipping store. They should have what you need. I purchased a couple rods from G.Loomis and they sent them in a nice thick cardboard tube. I saved it for future use.

  3. First get the appropiate cardboard tube to ship it in. Your local sporting good stores will be more than happy to save a cardboard tube for you, or any department store that sells fishing poles and such as they get them in all the time.
    Worth the wait and time I would think!

  4. Personally I’d contact ebay via email. I would think that there are guidelines that they go by ;)…

  5. You can take a chance of shipping it in a cardboard tube if you like, but I have had a couple get broke in those kind of tubes.
    From a manufacture/company its no big deal they will replace it and either Fed Ex or UPS has to foot the bill.

    BUT with a private party sell I always ship mine in PVC tubes. Measure the rod allow room on both end for padding and get caps or just put packing tape over one end. It will cost more but you are guaranteed the rod will not get broke when another package in thrown on top of the cardboard tube.
    This is how I ship all my rods when I sell them. I usually replace my rods after they are one to two years old.

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