How do you catch a big fish?

I bought a 21 1/2 foot Sea Ray and I take it out into the ocean and so far I’ve had some pretty big bites, but nothing too big yet. I’m sure it will come as I have too good boat rods and will be using chum this year.

My question is this. What the hell do I do once I get it on my line? How do I reel it in and what the heck am I supposed to do with it once I do?

I’ve seen a huge marlin jump out of the water and something really big hit my line last year. Really big.

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2 thoughts on “How do you catch a big fish?

  1. set the drag so its not compleetly closed or open(both can make you lose fish. give them a quick and hard hookset and from that moment on never let your line slack.the fish will run to the sides so you need to keep the boat steady and turn it accordingly. once the fish stops runing try and get as many meters of line back by “pumping”(pulling the rod up, then rolling in the line till the rod is a bot lowered than raising the rod again) but do not tighten the drag to much incase he plans for another run.this can go on for hours so make sure you dont get tird before the fish does.
    once you have the fish exausted bring him to the boat(make sure he doesnt go under it) and use a devise to land him(landing net ‘ hook ect) good luck!

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