How do you set up a fishing rod?

I basically know how to put it together and to put line on the reel, but I need the knot for tying a hook in and what bait to put on them. I’m mostly fishing for bass and other freshwater things in FL like mudfish and catfish. Don’t go into too much detail. Thank you!
and how to put on artificial bait and artificial worms, and live worms

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5 thoughts on “How do you set up a fishing rod?

  1. For an easy, effective rig, try a Texas rig. Its very simple to put together, and very good for catching bass. Here’s a video demonstrating how :
    Also in addition to that, you can add a bead to your line between the sinker and the plastic worm so it will click and make noise to attract fish.

    An easy knot for tying on lures or a hook is a Clinch knot. Its very simple and strong

    I like synthetic worms and things like spinnerbaits and crankbaits, but anything will catch fish really.

  2. already got good answers!

    I like to catch mudfish they give good fights but are heck on my lures!

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