How do you String a fishing reel?

i have a 30 lb. test and a south bend black beauty 2 reel/rod combo and i need to know how to string it

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4 thoughts on “How do you String a fishing reel?

  1. Just make sure the line comes off the spool the same direction it goes on . That way it wont get ” TWISTED ” , and cause malfunctions while fishing .

  2. I am not sure what type reel is on South Bends Black Beauty combo but, here’s a video that explains how to spool line on a Spinning reel ;)… < ' (( ( > <

    Some more videos ~ go through them and ya’ may just find somethin’ that’ll help?

    Here is a question I responded to earlier on Answers regarding spooling fishing line/string on a Baitcasting reel ~ maybe that be the type ya’ have?;_ylt=AsN5ejyuh6EVfLBMRWhL5QHty6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20080402155609AAAkpXR&show=7#profile-info-mRAWnw9laa

  3. if it is a baitcasting reel,take the string and thread it through the eyes of the rod until it gets to the reel- then tie the string to the reel and cut off any excess string-get someone to put a pencil or another small object through the hole in the device that the string is wrapped around and stand in front of you with one hand on each side of the spool of string holding the pencil on a horizontal position with the string coming off the top of the spool. the string should be held just tightly enough to come off the spool under a little tension- fill the reel to within one eighth of an inch from the top of the reel spool.
    If you have spinning reel or a spincast reel tie the string to the reel spool and reel in the line with the flat side of the line spool facing you and the line coming off the reel in a clockwise loop fill to capacity of your reel , stopping about one eight of an inch from the top of the reel spool. I hope that I explained it in a way that you can understand it.

  4. I think you mean spool it lol =D

    well you tie then end of it on the reel and start reeling the line in.

    i tried to make it sound easyy =]

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